Protect your plants with the best garden shade 2018

Garden Shade

Gardening is a hobby thatuv_damage_leaves is very rewarding and is also a good way to spend time with love ones or kids. It is also a great way to relieve stress makes our outdoor space a paradise liked scenery. but not all of plants can survive the harsh heat of the sun, the ultra violet rays makes the leaves lose some of its liveliness and beauty,

UV Radiation

Not only humans are being affected by UV radiation but also plants and crops. you can recognize this by looking at the leaves, you will notice that it turns white and that is the first signs of damage

but what if you can find a product that can protect your plants from excess heat? worry no more because we have a solution and that is by installing a shade sail.

A sun shade sail is a knitted or woven fabric made from high density polyethylene material which makes it a very durable for shading outdoor spaces it can withstand windload speed of upto 90kph, some manufacturers like coolaroo offers a 10yrs of warranty from uv degredation.

Aside from durability you can also select different types of colors from dark to brightest and sizes ranging from 3 x 2 meters to custom sizes depending on the area you want to me shade it with. shade sail is also very easy to install we created a guide on how to install a shade sail.

The UV resistance of a shade sail differs between color, the rule of thumb is that the darker the color the more Ultra violet resistance it gives, many shade sail companies manufacture their own version of shade sail ranging from knitted to woven fabric, here are some of the companies that creates the best shading for your lovely garden.


For the best shade cloth we recommend coolaroo because of its 90% resistance against ultra violet light and also they provide 10 year warranty for uv degredation. The company’s reputation is backed by years of excellence and is proven and tested by customers and establishments.


  1. It’s good to know that aside the fact that shade sail is used for the patio or backyard in the home. But, also it is use as garden shade to protect the plants.It’s a valuable information.

  2. I didn’t know that plants and crops could be affected by UV radiation like humans could. I’m glad that you can protect your plants by installing a shade sail. I have always wanted to start a garden. I will have to make sure I get a shade sail to help protect my plants. Thank you for the information!

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