Best shade sail structures residential use of 2018

Best shade sail structures residential use

parabolic shade sail

Premiere Square

There are many different ways to best shade sail structures residential  but none more stylish or practical than a shade sail patio cover. Having a patio cover is an excellent idea for extending your existing living space and for creating a relaxing entertainment area. A sun shade patio cover will allow you to utilize the space regardless of weather conditions. Wood patio covers come in a variety of styles and sizes and it is important to do some research before deciding on the right choice for you.

If you’re a fan of modern looking houses, then it’s time to up your game with a simple trick of adding a Premiere Square Shade Sail in your patio. The Premiere Square will definitely add style to your plain old patio and make the area not only stylishly modern looking but also very comfortable. This particular shade sail is highly recommended for patios for its simplicity and raw elegance. Whether you like having a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning outside, or having some friends over for some social drinking, you will surely be glad you bought this baby.

Its fabric is designed to be breathable and at the same time doing its job of protecting you from those harmful UV’s you will definitely get from the sun. The shade sail cloth comes in different sizes depending on the size of your patio. If you’re going for a more natural look for your patio, we recommend throwing in a few plants and buying the green one for that beautiful combo.

Don’t know how to install shade sails? Worry not because this product is designed to be installed easily with the stylish stainless steel D rings in each corner. It’s also a very wise buy for its raw durability. It has a 5 year warranty that will ultimately make you comfortable at the time of buying. Its material is Lead-free and is made with quality sun shade fabric that is UV stabilized. This will ensure you can enjoy a random chat with your friend outside even under the harsh heat that wraps us nowadays.

The fabric is very high quality and is designed to resist mold or mildew. You can also choose to experiment to exercise your own creativity by buying a two 3 x 3 meters and by making a very creative style with those. You can put it in a slanted position that makes the two have its own area to shade with wonderful style. You can also just buy the classic single 5 x 5 meters for simplicity with elegance that will sure to fish some compliments.

The DIY Option

A more cost effective way of securing the patio cover that you have always wanted is to construct the patio cover yourself. There are many DIY patio cover kits available on the market for those who want the patio cover but are not master builders. The companies selling these kits will take your patio measurements and provide you with a quote to create a DIY kit. They will then ship or deliver your personalized patio kit with all the necessary materials and instructions.

If you are a little more adventurous and have the necessary skills you can design and create your own patio covers and pay the amount you want. There are many internet sites available to help you get started. When building your own patio cover make sure to check with the local council about building permits and conditions before beginning work.

Best Swimming pool sun shades


Extreme triangle

If you want to enjoy your wonderful pool but not sure whether your sunblock can repel that harsh sunlight, better ensure your skin’s safety by putting the perfect shade sail for you! The one for the job is the Extreme Triangle Shade sail. We highly recommend this particular shade sail for its specific engineering to ensure your skin’s natural health by blocking those harmful Ultraviolet rays however long and intense they may be. We recommend the triangle because it can also bring style not to mention the shade. The idea is to have a combination of multiple slanted triangle shade sails across your pool. Doing this will surely put your home pool in par with high class pools in five star hotels.

You can also just put a single one on whichever part of the pool you normally like to just hang around and cool off in the weekends. But if you really like having swimming routines throughout the pool and on broad daylight, we recommend installing multiple triangles for your own comfort and safety.

The new modern look your pools offers will surely be inviting and we guarantee if you post this on instagram, you will surely have your friends the next weekend. You don’t have to worry about sunburns anymore and just enjoy the pool with a cold drink by your side. This particular fabric is also offered in many colors to choose from to make match with the color of your house or plainly just for your preference. It comes in Desert Sand, Ocean Blue and charcoal that can be chosen with two sizes which are the 5 x 5 x 5 for bigger pools and the 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 for the average home pools.

Its fabric is made only from high quality materials by professional engineers to assure the overall durability and strength of the product. This quality made the offer of a 10 year warranty for the product! It is actually resistant to molds, mildew and even to UV degradation too. The incredible fabric negates an astounding 90% of extreme sun ray that will give you peace of mind even when your children are playing on the pool all day long. You also won’t have to worry about the installation because it’s designed to be DIY in installation. It also includes a high quality marine grade stainless steel Delta ring for secure installation. Having this on your pool will surely make anyone comfortable under extreme heat because it’s also designed to be breathable to make it cooler all throughout.

Best Rooftops shade sails


Premiere triangle

If you’re a bookworm and you have a common old rooftop, then it’s time you transform that area you never actually use into a comfy personal space. Do yourself a favor by installing this piece of pure elegance which is the Premiere triangle shade. By installing one of these in your rooftop, it will automatically bring the area to life with the raw beauty and modernity it brings. You can finally fulfill your year-old dream of having your own personal space to just read till late morning with your breakfast and a hot cup of coffee in hand.

This nice piece of art comes in green which for nature lovers that have several plants in their rooftops is very good news. A wonderful green shade that brings your orchid to life will brighten your day every morning when you water your loved ones. We recommend installing this product with the two corners in the same level of height and the other end facing your rooftop view being a little lower.

This will bring that awesome modern look that will surely be the center of your visitor’s attention. If the green nature look doesn’t match your style, the product can also be ordered in beige that will most likely match or in other cases compliment the color of your house. You can also do a stylistic home statement by experimenting with the triangle shape. You can explore your creativity at this point, whether installing the three ends in different levels of heights and angles or just having it in an equal level for that simplicity factor is totally up to you.

Setting your stylistic side’s excitement aside, this product will also be able to extremely satisfy you and purely eliminate that skeptical buyer inside you. This product has an astounding warranty of 5 long years. The sheer durability and strength of the product is guaranteed to grow with your kids. The awesome engineering of this fabric is UV stabilized and has a cover factor of up to 90%! With this amazing fabric also being designed to be breathable, you can rest easy that your plants will get just enough sunlight, but also be free from wilt that extreme heat brings. In short, it will be safe, healthy and comfortable for you and also your plants! The product is designed to resist molds and mildew that is the common problem of common fabrics. Being able to block most of the harmful UVs, the product also entails heat shrink immunity.

Now for installation, worry not for the designers were tasked to make it easy to install and it actually also comes with high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel D-rings on each corner. This does not only mean easy installation but also guarantees lead-free material is used in the product.

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