Outdoor patio and garden design elements

would’nt it be nice if..

You have an outdoor patio for reading, organize an important party with friends or just have a random chit chat with your visitors at the comfort your home? relaxing after a long period of working hours is necessary and if you don’t want to travel or you feel like spending time outside of the house you might want to enjoy sitting on your backyard sipping a hot cup of coffee.

some people want a covered patio, others needs an open space and just place patio furniture, plants and other ornaments to make it look more appealing in the eye and some people just overdoing it. There are common design mistakes when designing your outdoor space area and in this blog post i will share you the common tips people make when designing their own patio.

The use of focal point

Focal point is one of the elements when designing your outdoor patio, it makes a subject more emphasized and focused. you can use colors and create contrast or you can also use furniture like plants, chairs and water fountain installed in a granite. just be careful not to overdo it by putting indoor accessories like a carpet (don’t ever think about doing that). indoor is different from your outdoor and it is best to transition between your exterior and interior it, also don’t make your outdoor furniture the same as your indoor because that is taking too far, you are after all, outside so just sit and relax.

Roofing options


Some people prefer to add roofing on their outdoor space and there are many options available in the market for these DIY purposes. others prefer to install a corrugated roof and it needs a professional to do it but if you like to change it every time, you might just use a fabric cover like a shade sail or canopy so you can remove or place it whenever you want easily. the difference between corrugated roofing and fabric is the fabric lets the air flow freely, it converts the hot air into a cool one while protecting you from the harsh UV rays during the harsh summer climate while corrugated roofing is for fixed set up designs.

Outdoor patio lighting

No one wants to stumble during night time that is why lighting is also important, not only it gives safety during night time but also adds personality to your patio it can give dramatic ambiance to your garden and other elements to your design. any lighting is a good asset for any space area and you can install it yourself. landscape architects and lighting professionals analyze this by

  1. Purpose – this is for safety and practical uses
  2. Emphasize – lighting that is use for focal point in an outdoor space area, most designers use a low power lighting systems to save cost and reduce energy consumption


Shape and form

One of the most important element in patio and garden design is in the shape and form, you may start asking yourself, how do you want your patio to function? how many people it can accommodate?  rather than small aspects like what exact rock pattern you want. once you have decided on your vision you can now contact a professional landscape designer that can make it bring to life. keep in mind that form follows function, it doesn’t matter how the patio is beautifully designed if it doesn’t function properly for your visitors it will be utilize improperly and useless.

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