Loft conversions are completed with velux blinds blackout effect


Lofts are the accommodations that are constructed as a single open space in the upper rooms of the house. Loft conversion is a method used to create space in your house without having to spend too much. previously lofts were merely used as the storage rooms where the unused material of the house was kept. Now as the trend of storing the material in the cupboards has increased people have started using the lofts as bedrooms.

Five main types of loft conversion are famous. Dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing roof, allowing for additional floor space and headroom within the loft conversion.Various styles of the dormers include Gable fronted Dormer which resembles the kennel in its shape, Hipped roof dormer, flat roof dormer and a shed dormer. Rear dormer loft conversion is created in the back of the home by creating a square shaped extension provides a large space for creating the new rooms. The roofs of these rooms are flat and high. This kind of lofts can be built on the terraced buildings.

Mansard loft conversion is similar to the rear dormer loft conversion Front and side dormer loft conversions are the smaller conversions that add additional room to the already constructed building. Hip to gamble loft conversion is the conversion which creates a large space for the living. In this case the sloping side of the house is converted into a flat roof. Thus you get a large area which can accommodate stair case and other furniture. Velux type loft conversion in which a loft is converted inside the house without altering the roof line. It is a cost effective procedure and you don’t need planning permission. Velux blinds blackout make excellent choice for loft windows and skylights. They help you add the style and class to your room and at the same time you can efficiently control the amount of sunlight in the room.

Velux blinds are available in a wide range of colours, material, texture and size. Hence, allowing you to customise the blinds to match your needs. These are ideal both for small or large skylights. Therefore, you can find the right size velux blinds to cover your lofts.

You can also choose the right colour from the wide range of colours and patterns available in velux blinds. You can use dark colour velux blinds to add the dash of colour against pale coloured walls and vice versa. You can also find velux blinds in floral, geometrical patterns, stripes and various other patterns.

Velux blinds are easy to manage. You may only have to pull the blinds up to reveal the lofts and draw the blinds when you need to hide them. Further velux blinds are easy to maintain. You can simply wipe them clean and they would retain the new look for longer period. Velux blinds are made of heavy fabric work as a filter against dusts and dirts, thus lowering your efforts of cleaning and dusting.

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