Home Gardening Tool Care Tips 2017

I know for a fact Home Gardening Tool Care Tips is harder when you don’t have the right tools for the job but also when you don’t take proper care of your garden tools.

I’m not sure how much I would enjoy home gardening if I had to work with the garden tools we found here when we bought our home as they were dull, dirty and rusted.

That’s all we had for the first year we tried home gardening and it was tough. We eventually invested in new gardening tools and the difference was like night and day.

Of course it also helps to use the right garden tools for gardening like the tiller Jean used when he came over and tilled our vegetable garden this year. The work he did in a half hour saved me at least a week of turning soil. You can be sure that we will be renting a garden tiller for next year so we can plant a bit earlier than this year.

Having The Best Tool For The Job Works Best

Beginners and experts alike do a better job when using the right tools for the task and with less stress.

I know this from first hand experience as I have used rusty tools and I have used tools that had lost their edge and it was always harder work getting the job done.

Back in the day when I was just a kid it was one of my jobs to keep the garden and farm equipment clear of rust and dirt. I didn’t get to sharpen any those as I would have probably cut myself so dad did that.
Each fall I had to scrub them clean with rags and a wire brush. Then they would go in a bucket of motor oil for the winter to keep them rust free. Dad seldom had to buy new tools because he maintained, well had me maintain, the tools.

Invest In Quality Tools That Will Last

Putting a little thought and maybe a bit more money into purchasing garden tools is a wise investment and will help you to save on tools over the years.

If you’re going to buy a tool why not make sure it’s going to last. We bought a cheap garden hose that looked fine but once we tried using it the head would spin around making it useless and dangerous.
So when you are looking at gardening tools like shovels, spades, rakes, hose, and trowels, take a few minutes to examine the tools to make certain they are of quality.

Remember you’ll be using them for year, hopefully.

Sharpen Your Cutting Tools Regularly

The garden tools we found in the garden shed when we moved here were all rusty, the wooden handles had all seen better days and none of the tools had been sharpened in years. We still tried using them but they had been left far too long and some had rusted right through.

How Do I Care For Our Garden Tools

It doesn’t matter so much if your a gardening newbie like we are or if you’re a seasoned gardener like my dad was, having the right tool for the job, a tool that’s maintained, is always easier. Below are a few home gardening tool care tips that may make you a more efficient gardener. I trust they will help you save some money and make your gardening a little more fun.

Before you put your tools away for the day take the time to clean them of any soil, sand, grass.

Allow tools to dry after cleaning so they don’t begin to rust. You can even apply oil to the metal parts to keep them from rusting.

Periodically you might want to run some sandpaper over your wooden handles to keep them smooth and free of splinters. There are oils you can get for your wooden handles that will make them last years longer, just check your local nursery or garden center.

For tools already suffering from rust, you can use rust-removing products such as Evapo-rust. Non-toxic, non-polluting, and organic rust-removing are preferred.

A sharp tool is a safer tool so learn how to sharpen saw blades, pruners, shovels, hoes, loppers, weeders, and other cutting equipment so they keep a proper edge.

Using shears and secateurs to trim hedges and bushes can become contaminated with fungi and viruses and can be passed on to other plants so you should sterilize those tools after each use. We just use a bit of bleach for this.

If you own a chain saw or hedge trimmer they need to be cleaned regularly. You can use kerosene or any oil that will coat metal parts for winter storage. Finally, take the time to store your tools correctly with hooks and hangers or some kind of organizer.  So don’t toss your gardening tools and equipment into a corner of your garage and forget about them until spring.
Keep your family’s safety in mind at all times as a pile of rusty tools is an accident waiting to happen.

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