Outdoor patio and garden design elements

would’nt it be nice if..

You have an outdoor patio for reading, organize an important party with friends or just have a random chit chat with your visitors at the comfort your home? relaxing after a long period of working hours is necessary and if you don’t want to travel or you feel like spending time outside of the house you might want to enjoy sitting on your backyard sipping a hot cup of coffee.

some people want a covered patio, others needs an open space and just place patio furniture, plants and other ornaments to make it look more appealing in the eye and some people just overdoing it. There are common design mistakes when designing your outdoor space area and in this blog post i will share you the common tips people make when designing their own patio.

The use of focal point

Focal point is one of the elements when designing your outdoor patio, it makes a subject more emphasized and focused. you can use colors and create contrast or you can also use furniture like plants, chairs and water fountain installed in a granite. just be careful not to overdo it by putting indoor accessories like a carpet (don’t ever think about doing that). indoor is different from your outdoor and it is best to transition between your exterior and interior it, also don’t make your outdoor furniture the same as your indoor because that is taking too far, you are after all, outside so just sit and relax.

Roofing options


Some people prefer to add roofing on their outdoor space and there are many options available in the market for these DIY purposes. others prefer to install a corrugated roof and it needs a professional to do it but if you like to change it every time, you might just use a fabric cover like a shade sail or canopy so you can remove or place it whenever you want easily. the difference between corrugated roofing and fabric is the fabric lets the air flow freely, it converts the hot air into a cool one while protecting you from the harsh UV rays during the harsh summer climate while corrugated roofing is for fixed set up designs.

Outdoor patio lighting

No one wants to stumble during night time that is why lighting is also important, not only it gives safety during night time but also adds personality to your patio it can give dramatic ambiance to your garden and other elements to your design. any lighting is a good asset for any space area and you can install it yourself. landscape architects and lighting professionals analyze this by

  1. Purpose – this is for safety and practical uses
  2. Emphasize – lighting that is use for focal point in an outdoor space area, most designers use a low power lighting systems to save cost and reduce energy consumption


Shape and form

One of the most important element in patio and garden design is in the shape and form, you may start asking yourself, how do you want your patio to function? how many people it can accommodate?  rather than small aspects like what exact rock pattern you want. once you have decided on your vision you can now contact a professional landscape designer that can make it bring to life. keep in mind that form follows function, it doesn’t matter how the patio is beautifully designed if it doesn’t function properly for your visitors it will be utilize improperly and useless.

Loft conversions are completed with velux blinds blackout effect


Lofts are the accommodations that are constructed as a single open space in the upper rooms of the house. Loft conversion is a method used to create space in your house without having to spend too much. previously lofts were merely used as the storage rooms where the unused material of the house was kept. Now as the trend of storing the material in the cupboards has increased people have started using the lofts as bedrooms.

Five main types of loft conversion are famous. Dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing roof, allowing for additional floor space and headroom within the loft conversion.Various styles of the dormers include Gable fronted Dormer which resembles the kennel in its shape, Hipped roof dormer, flat roof dormer and a shed dormer. Rear dormer loft conversion is created in the back of the home by creating a square shaped extension provides a large space for creating the new rooms. The roofs of these rooms are flat and high. This kind of lofts can be built on the terraced buildings.

Mansard loft conversion is similar to the rear dormer loft conversion Front and side dormer loft conversions are the smaller conversions that add additional room to the already constructed building. Hip to gamble loft conversion is the conversion which creates a large space for the living. In this case the sloping side of the house is converted into a flat roof. Thus you get a large area which can accommodate stair case and other furniture. Velux type loft conversion in which a loft is converted inside the house without altering the roof line. It is a cost effective procedure and you don’t need planning permission. Velux blinds blackout make excellent choice for loft windows and skylights. They help you add the style and class to your room and at the same time you can efficiently control the amount of sunlight in the room.

Velux blinds are available in a wide range of colours, material, texture and size. Hence, allowing you to customise the blinds to match your needs. These are ideal both for small or large skylights. Therefore, you can find the right size velux blinds to cover your lofts.

You can also choose the right colour from the wide range of colours and patterns available in velux blinds. You can use dark colour velux blinds to add the dash of colour against pale coloured walls and vice versa. You can also find velux blinds in floral, geometrical patterns, stripes and various other patterns.

Velux blinds are easy to manage. You may only have to pull the blinds up to reveal the lofts and draw the blinds when you need to hide them. Further velux blinds are easy to maintain. You can simply wipe them clean and they would retain the new look for longer period. Velux blinds are made of heavy fabric work as a filter against dusts and dirts, thus lowering your efforts of cleaning and dusting.

6 Things That Can go Wrong with Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design white on whiteBathroom interior design projects are some of the most common home upgrades completed by today’s homeowners. However, while many people know they need to make changes to their bathrooms, some may not know where to start and may even end up with a bathroom they did not originally envision. Here are some of the things that can go wrong with a bathroom design. Avoid these mistakes and transform the bathroom into a space that does not stick out like a sore thumb. Also, consult with a top bathroom contractor in the area for additional tips and advice on how to make the best out of a bathroom interior design project.

#1 Choosing the Wrong Paint Color

One of the first things people will notice about a bathroom is the color of its walls. The right paint color can really open up the space, make it feel inviting, and will even create an oasis retreat-like ambiance. On the other hand, choosing the wrong color could make the bathroom feel small, dark, or down right unwelcoming. While the right color will be based on a number of factors, including the size of the space and the homeowner’s personal preferences, know that there is a perfect color fit for everyone. Visit a local paint store to gather paint samples and swatches to get ideas of the ranges of colors that are available for purchase. Also consider the specific design or theme that will be used for the bathroom. For instance, will it have a beachy, coastal feel, will it be more modern with sleek lines, or will it be a luxurious bathroom with rich tones and accents? All of these considerations can help to make the best choice in paint color.

#2 Ignoring Natural Lighting

The right lighting is very important when it comes to bathroom interior design. This is especially true when it comes to natural lighting. Many homeowners underestimate the importance of natural sunlight. This is certainly true when it comes to smaller bathroom spaces that can feel closed in. While there are some bathrooms that do not have any natural lighting at all (such as a closet renovation or under-the-stairs bathrooms), when natural lighting is available, maximize it by considering window size and window coverings. Windows small or large, covered by heavy curtains, draperies, or blinds will limit the amount of light that streams into the bathroom. Remedy this by opening the windows themselves or pulling back window coverings when the sun is brightest. To illuminate the room further, turn on artificial lights for added impact.

#3 Wrong Fixtures

There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong fixtures for a bathroom. From faucet handles to doorknobs to pulls on cabinetry, the right fixtures can help to pull the space together for a more well-rounded and cohesive look. Choose fixtures that are all in the same finish or that have similar design elements. Chrome, bronze, or pewter finishes are all excellent choices for bathroom interior design. To learn more about fixtures, consult with a top bathroom contractor who will be experienced in the latest bathroom design trends and who can help choose the best fixture for the space.

#4 Cold, Sterile Bathrooms

A huge mistake many people make is decorating their bathrooms with cold, sterile décor. This most often Bathroom Interior Design wrong colorsmanifests as white on white bathrooms that are more reminiscent of medical examining rooms than a room in someone’s house. While all white cabinetry, flooring, tiling and chrome fixtures may speak to the personal style and taste of some, there are other ways to creatively design a bathroom that brings new life into the space, making it a warm and inviting atmosphere. Add inviting colors, playful tiles, and personal touches such as photos, artwork, and knick- knacks that make the space feel like home.

#5 Improperly Sized Mirrors

Depending on the size of the bathroom and its sink—whether single or a his and hers—the mirror size can make or break the look and feel of the bathroom. This is because mirrors help to reflect more light in the space and can even help it to look much bigger than what it is. Mirrors come in a variety of sizes, lengths, shapes and frame choices. Choose a mirror that best fits the bathroom aesthetically and avoid a bathroom interior design project gone wrong that has less than appealing mirrors hung on the walls.

#6 The Small Details

Lastly, do not forget the fine details such as colors for hand towels, shower curtains, and carpets. These extras can really pull the bathroom together and add the right finishing touches. Choose fun patterns or other high-end designs that attest to the bathroom’s potential. These extras can really bring the bathroom to life.

Rest assured that there are solutions when it comes to avoiding bathroom interior design mistakes.

Successfully upgrade a bathroom by following these useful suggestions. To learn even more about bathroom design, check out an interior design blog or consult with the experts for a fun bathroom renovation project.


Gardens and Garden Furniture Sets

Gardens and Garden Furniture Sets are a wonderful extension of your home and the personalities that reside therein. When you first start designing your garden, you need to keep all of this in mind.

Choosing the right garden furniture sets and decors are truly important, as this would dictate that overall appeal and look of your garden. It’s important for you to strike a perfect balance in setting up and decorating your garden. Be careful not to overdo it and make sure that you put the furniture sets that would complement that look of your garden. Kindly read on below to learn more about decorating your garden with the right furniture.

You don’t want to have your garden feel closed in or have you feel out of place while you are relaxing in your own garden. You will also want to think about the different kinds of garden furniture that you can place to make your garden feel even more home like for you and your family.

Garden Furniture Sets

When picking out the accessories for your garden, everything from lighting to plants and furniture, you need to make sure they make the area comfortable for you and your family.
You don’t want things that you wouldn’t normally add to the décor of your house, as it offsets the garden too much. You want the warmth and comfort of your home to flow out into your garden so that even your guests are comfortable when they see it.

You can do this by bringing your home décor and style out into your garden, which is not only comforting, but fun, as well.

Once you have figured out the style and design aspects of your garden, it’s time to get the shopping done. This is probably one of the most important and overlooked parts of your garden design routine. You should take the time to make sure that each and every piece is suitable for your garden.

If you like something but you aren’t in love with it, then it’s probably not something you need or want to add to your garden. If you want your garden to reflect who you are as a person, you will need to research the best ways of combining all the aspects that fit you.

You can search online and through magazines to find everything you need. You can even take a trip out to your local home improvement or garden center to get ideas. Most importantly, ask questions. If you are unsure of any aspect, ask the people that work at the garden center how they would make it work or what they would use to get a specific atmosphere. They will have the knowledge and know-how to get you and your garden working the way you want it to.

Swimming Pool Designs and Inspection

Swimming Pool Designs

swimming-pool-topDue to the fact that there are several best swimming pool designs and equipment available for us to use, it is very important to consider your safety. You have to choose from different swimming pool liners as well as other toys. The experts at your local supply shop can always help you if you are beyond confused. Swimming pool inspection has a lot of needs so you must take this into consideration when buying them.

The first step that you need to take is to assess the average depth of the pool. When you know the average depth of the pool, you would also know its capacity. The best way to know the average depth of the pool is to through addition of the deep and shallow end and dividing it by 2. The average depth tells you a lot about your swimming pool, including the design and capacity. Once you’ve determined the average depth of your swimming pool, you can buy all the necessary accessories without too much hassle.

Swimming Pool Covers

Next is knowing its design as this could help you buy the best cover for the pool. There are several pool covers available in the market and it varies from season to season. There are different covers that offer different protection during winter, spring, summer or fall. Almost all supply shops can provide you with several pool covers, but you must know your design first so you can choose the best cover for your pool.

One of the most elegant way to cover your pool is by using a shade sail, it will protect you from harsh heat of the sun while keeping your surroundings cool, we covered some examples of using this shade sail for best swimming pool design here.

You can proceed to the next steps after you’re done determining your pool depth and capacity. The next thing that you should know about is the liner. A liner will maintain the pH level of your water, and help prevent algae from forming and growing. The liner’s material plays a big role in its efficiency. Most are plastic or vinyl, and can provide you plenty of attraction along with great protection as well.

The next thing that you must inspect is your swimming pool’s safety. If in case that your swimming pool is located below ground, keep in mind that it can attract a lot of people. Due to this fact, you should always have someone watching the pool, or an adult around at all times who can swim. Another strategy is to lock the gate that encircles the pool to avoid accidents.

Pool Toys and Accessories

070713-N-9758L-052 PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (July 13, 2007) Ð A Navy diver looks on as cadets from the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps attempt to enter a life raft for water survival training at Richardson Pool. During a two-week camp for military training, cadets also learned about military formations, land navigation, and how to sail a small boat. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Michael A. Lantron (RELEASED)

Toys and accessories are also the other reasons why people find swimming enjoyable. Googles are probably the most used and must-have swimming accessory because it protects the eyes from chlorine. The next popular swimming accessory are floats because it’s fun to lay on them. Swimming belts and water wings are great as well. If you want to buy toys and accessories for your swimming pool, always look toys with the best prices.

Pool Inspection

Pool inspection is a must if you have a pool and it can be a fun experience too. You can inspect in terms of maintenance as well, although you’ll need to inspect your pool before you buy any type of equipment or other things for you pool. Inspection makes shopping for your needs easier. Inspecting your pool is an easy task and it’s something that you must not take for granted.

Get The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Living space with shade sail Pergola Cover



For a number of us, the whole purpose of a shade sail pergola cover is to enjoy a little bit of living area wide open in the beautiful outdoors. Isn’t that the reason behind the open walls and roofs? Yes, in a lot of situations, it is. Nevertheless, folks in several climates have discovered that their covers tend to be more flexible if they have a roof over at least a portion of their arbor just in case the sun is too hot or there is rain storm. By having a shade cloth on your pergola, you acquire the best of both worlds. Shade Sail Pergola covers only make good sense for those who wish to be able to utilize the space for a good portion of the year.

It’s not fun to have an outdoor activity you have planned for converted into an indoor picnic. Having a shade sail cover, you can use your space just like a tent to shield you from the harsh climate. Whether you’ve got a free-standing structure or a shading created over a deck or patio, a cover will enable you to utilize the space more often and much more comfortably. A retractable shade roof will give you a sturdy cover for even the most open of buildings, and it is made to help water to flow off the sides, similar to what it does on your house roof, instead of allowing it to pool in the centre and cause the roof to sag. Some are likewise made to endure well under windy conditions.

There are plenty of styles of patio covers available constructed from a number of materials. You might wish to have a slatted aluminum roof that can be opened and closed either manually or by remote control. This kind of roof is beneficial, since it enables you to control exactly how much sun you allow through. Close it entirely, and keep out all of the elements, open it slightly to allow a small amount of sun, or open it all the way to allow full sunshine in cooler weather conditions.



shade cloth covers could be incorporated into the layout of a new pergola construction project or added later if you presently have one with an open roof. To be able to accomplish this, roofing companies make use of several styles of mounting. A cover which is added as an afterthought is installed on tracks underneath the exisiting roof. With a new pergola, the tracks are mounted on the side of the rafters. In either case, you can include a completely new dimension to any open structure, improve the amount of workable outdoor living area, and add value to your house by having a pergola cover.

Home Gardening Tool Care Tips 2017

I know for a fact Home Gardening Tool Care Tips is harder when you don’t have the right tools for the job but also when you don’t take proper care of your garden tools.

I’m not sure how much I would enjoy home gardening if I had to work with the garden tools we found here when we bought our home as they were dull, dirty and rusted.

That’s all we had for the first year we tried home gardening and it was tough. We eventually invested in new gardening tools and the difference was like night and day.

Of course it also helps to use the right garden tools for gardening like the tiller Jean used when he came over and tilled our vegetable garden this year. The work he did in a half hour saved me at least a week of turning soil. You can be sure that we will be renting a garden tiller for next year so we can plant a bit earlier than this year.

Having The Best Tool For The Job Works Best

Beginners and experts alike do a better job when using the right tools for the task and with less stress.

I know this from first hand experience as I have used rusty tools and I have used tools that had lost their edge and it was always harder work getting the job done.

Back in the day when I was just a kid it was one of my jobs to keep the garden and farm equipment clear of rust and dirt. I didn’t get to sharpen any those as I would have probably cut myself so dad did that.
Each fall I had to scrub them clean with rags and a wire brush. Then they would go in a bucket of motor oil for the winter to keep them rust free. Dad seldom had to buy new tools because he maintained, well had me maintain, the tools.

Invest In Quality Tools That Will Last

Putting a little thought and maybe a bit more money into purchasing garden tools is a wise investment and will help you to save on tools over the years.

If you’re going to buy a tool why not make sure it’s going to last. We bought a cheap garden hose that looked fine but once we tried using it the head would spin around making it useless and dangerous.
So when you are looking at gardening tools like shovels, spades, rakes, hose, and trowels, take a few minutes to examine the tools to make certain they are of quality.

Remember you’ll be using them for year, hopefully.

Sharpen Your Cutting Tools Regularly

The garden tools we found in the garden shed when we moved here were all rusty, the wooden handles had all seen better days and none of the tools had been sharpened in years. We still tried using them but they had been left far too long and some had rusted right through.

How Do I Care For Our Garden Tools

It doesn’t matter so much if your a gardening newbie like we are or if you’re a seasoned gardener like my dad was, having the right tool for the job, a tool that’s maintained, is always easier. Below are a few home gardening tool care tips that may make you a more efficient gardener. I trust they will help you save some money and make your gardening a little more fun.

Before you put your tools away for the day take the time to clean them of any soil, sand, grass.

Allow tools to dry after cleaning so they don’t begin to rust. You can even apply oil to the metal parts to keep them from rusting.

Periodically you might want to run some sandpaper over your wooden handles to keep them smooth and free of splinters. There are oils you can get for your wooden handles that will make them last years longer, just check your local nursery or garden center.

For tools already suffering from rust, you can use rust-removing products such as Evapo-rust. Non-toxic, non-polluting, and organic rust-removing are preferred.

A sharp tool is a safer tool so learn how to sharpen saw blades, pruners, shovels, hoes, loppers, weeders, and other cutting equipment so they keep a proper edge.

Using shears and secateurs to trim hedges and bushes can become contaminated with fungi and viruses and can be passed on to other plants so you should sterilize those tools after each use. We just use a bit of bleach for this.

If you own a chain saw or hedge trimmer they need to be cleaned regularly. You can use kerosene or any oil that will coat metal parts for winter storage. Finally, take the time to store your tools correctly with hooks and hangers or some kind of organizer.  So don’t toss your gardening tools and equipment into a corner of your garage and forget about them until spring.
Keep your family’s safety in mind at all times as a pile of rusty tools is an accident waiting to happen.